Episode 1.3 – And Men?

Episode 1.3

and men?

As of today, there are roughly 7 yoga studios on or in walking distance of the H Street corridor in North East DC. This very same strip of road now also boasts a Whole Foods, is the first (and currently the only) road for DC’s streetcar, and hosts more luxury condos and apartments per square block than probably any other artery in the entire city.

And one of these residents is Antonia Colon: a yoga instructor.

She was very out-going and she dated a lot; she was not particularly prejudice about men’s physical appearance and would date across the racial and height spectrum. So it was odd to keep finding herself bored while in the company of men who looked so good on paper.  

But with all this talk about what women really wanted, where did that leave men like Soloman?



Episode narrated by Kayona Ebony Brown


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Learn more about Wuilly Arteaga, and read about his story in the NY Times.

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