“Inspired by multiple news sources that called DC ‘the gayest place in a America’–because it has the highest number of same sex relationships, but the lowest [straight] marriage rate in the country–my goal is to present a story that reveals how the most powerful city in the world is a massive social underachiever, as it continually fails to facilitate lasting connections between Kenya and the opposite sex.” – Kayona


Tenth Letter introduced you to J and took you on an incredible journey where you also met her friends, Kenya and Ty. Now, in prequel-like fashion, Of Music and Men takes you back a few years with a quarter-life, coming-of-age story from Kenya’s perspective as a chronically single 20-something, attempting to understand the opposite sex while also trying to succeed running her own independent record company.

Before Tenth Letter, Kenya Shaw was just a young, smart, ambitious kid from Washington, DC, who spent the better part of her new adult life trying to build 16:9 Recordings, her record company.

The thing is: she doesn’t have enough money, she lacks resources, she doesn’t have the “right” artists, she doesn’t have connections, and not to mention, she’s in the wrong town for this kind of thing… Right?

With an unforgettable cast of characters, Of Music and Men is the story of an ordinary young woman in a town known for making laws, who grows into the burgeoning young mogul we met in Tenth Letter, succeeding by challenging the rules. You get to see the inner-workings of the independent music scene, and how a unique millennial and her single friends try to find love navigating the bleakest dating scene in the country.

Kenya takes you on her journey through the early years of entrepreneurship, and you experience the indelible impression her family, friendships and relationships have on her maturation… both with music and with men.

Of Music and Men is a multi-media franchise that includes the scripted half-hour comedy-drama program of the same title, as well as accompanying literature and music products. The short film is the introduction to the project.

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