Thinking of a Master Plan

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Brand: Of Music and Men

Season 1:Episode 1 - For Kenya Shaw, it’s been four years now trying to establish her independent record label from the basement of her father’s house, but when opportunities for commercial success finally appear tangible, she decides to detour from her original course with the hopes of getting her company to the next level. She soon discovers that planning success is futile.

This is the digital versions of the book for your reader or phone. Physical books will return later in 2021.

About the story

Of Music and Men is a smart and compelling story about Kenya Shaw, a chronically single, passionate yet penniless young entrepreneur struggling to build an indie record label, while navigating the country’s worst place for bachelorettes: Washington, DC.

The OM&M franchise takes you into the lives of a diverse ensemble of interconnected millennials navigating the country’s bleakest dating scene, while delving into the life of Kenya Shaw, an aspiring music mogul whose big dreams may outweigh her ability to fulfill them.

A unique tale of triumph and perseverance that every American girl will enjoy!

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