Director’s statement

“This short film explores a day—a very typical day—in the life of our progressive, ambitious millennial woman, juxtaposing her confidence and resilience professionally, and her insecurity and fear personally, as she tries to succeed running her own indie record label while navigating the cynical dating scene in Washington DC.

The first half of the film is filled with the sites and sounds of her day; the second half transitions the day into a music video—the music becomes more and more prominent as the story unfolds and all of the “noise” in her life is tuned out. The futility of her plans reveals itself as the benefits of embracing what life might have in store.

Unlike most short films, Of Music and Men is not a short version of a [future] feature film, per se; it is a short film derived from a [future] scripted television show—more precisely, a multi-media franchise that includes a scripted ½ hour television show, as well as novels and music projects.

The project is currently building its digital home.”

– Kayona Ebony Brown, writer/director