Episode 3.2 -Hate the Game

podcast Episode 3.2

Hate the Game


“But you were saying—about January and the guy?” Ty reminded me.

“Yeah. She suddenly had game. I mean… she was almost as good as…” And I looked at J. And then Ty looked at her too.

J was in mid-sip, with the disposable hot/cold cup still at her mouth, when she looked over it realizing that I was comparing the new January to her. 

Kenya, Ty, and J stroll through Eastern Market discussing the idea of how and when women should just go for what they want, and what plays work best when out in the field. Meanwhile, Kenya finds out that Lucas is playing a different game than the one she’s coaching for him.



Episode narrated by Kayona Ebony Brown


Written, recorded, and produced by Kayona Ebony Brown at Siingle Studios in Washington, DC


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Superstar — @soybmusic
Music provided by Audio Library Plus
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Launderette by @MonaWonderlick

Stay by @Seth-Power - sethpowermusic.com

I Saw a Ghost Last Night by @LeonellCassio

Sound effects: Envato 

Edited with Adobe Creative Cloud and Filmstro

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