Episode 2.4 – When Do You Start?

podcast Episode 2.4

When do you start?


"Here’s the thing: every biopic, biography and 'Unsung' story about musicians have a common denominator—ignorant artists who either didn’t know or didn’t bother to educate themselves about how their business should work... I didn’t want stupid artists who would later question whether I had anything to do with their financial situation, if of course, it was a bad situation."

Kenya's job overseeing the careers of musicians often blur the lines between professional and parental, when Lucas needs more from her than she can give. And Tk is forced to make a big decision about her music and her day-job.



Episode narrated by Kayona Ebony Brown


Written, recorded, and produced by Kayona Ebony Brown at Siingle Studios in Washington, DC


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Music for this episode provided by...

KIDS by @MonaWonderlick

I'm Up In The Clouds by Le Gang
Le Gang - "Lo-Fi Beats & Chill" (Album) out on Spotify & Apple Music.
Le Gang on SoundCloud: @thisislegang
Le Gang on Spotify: spoti.fi/2Nqx1E1
Le Gang on Apple Music: apple.co/2tCxx8M
Le Gang on YouTube: bit.ly/2Th5V7E

Additional music for this episode is from Filmstro, arranged and designed for this episode by Kayona

Word of the episode: Horizons by Scott Buckley

Sound effects: Envato 

Edited with Adobe Creative Cloud and Filmstro

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