Episode 1.5 – That Brown Box

Episode 1.5

that brown box

When you see a box, it’s natural to start assuming you know what’s inside it. A robin egg color blue Tiffany box would lead you to believe inside there’s expensive jewelry; a black and red Nike box with a jump man logo might make you conclude there’s a pair of Jordan sneakers inside. In fact, when it comes to most consumer products, the packaging is every bit as much a part of the purchase as the product itself.

Pruitt Donovan has never known what it’s like to walk down a street and not feel dissension. For as long as he could remember, he could feel himself being examined. Pruitt, you see, was a box that nobody, could concisely and truthfully tell you what was inside.



Episode narrated by Kayona Ebony Brown


Written, recorded, and produced by Kayona Ebony Brown at Siingle Studios in Washington, DC


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All music for this episode provided by Filmstro - arranged for this episode by Kayona

Credits music: I Don’t Know Anything by Le Gang - Get a FREE download here!

Word of the episode

Tears in the Rain by Scott Buckley

Word by Sophia Bush 

Sound effects: Audio Blocks 

Edited with Adobe Creative Cloud and Filmstro

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