The fastest-growing group

of business owners in America

is Black women

These entrepreneurs have a story to tell 
Kenya Shaw is here to tell that story

The fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America has a story to tell.
Kenya Shaw is here to tell it.

A single, young entrepreneur struggles to build an independent record label, while navigating the country’s worst city for bachelorettes and an unlikely place for music success: Washington, DC.

The OM&M franchise takes you into the lives of a diverse ensemble of interconnected millennials navigating the country’s bleakest dating scene, while delving into the life of Kenya Shaw, an aspiring music mogul whose big dreams may outweigh her ability to fulfill them.

Of Music and Men is an entire world of entertainment that includes Tenth Letter the novel, the OM&M short film, the forthcoming scripted half-hour drama/comedy, and the 12-episode first season of the novella series launching September 2018.

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Episode twelve

“THE TIPPING POINT” | Season Finale

S1: 12 - As the subject of an Internet magazine for young entrepreneurs, Kenya takes a reporter on a day in her life where she is forced to put her CEO skills on full display in preparation for Tk’s album release party the next day. But everything that can go wrong does, as drama arises both professionally and personally, leaving her to reevaluate everything. Meanwhile, J finally finds a house she likes, but mulls over the decision to commit. And Ty’s courtroom battles with her ex-husband are coming to an end, which brings about a change in her that begins drawing some unexpected (but welcome) attention from the opposite sex. And after an uncharacteristic move, Kenya learns that the dynamic of her relationship with Derek could be changing, which leaves her with a huge decision to make.

Episode Eleven


S1: 11 - While Kenya contemplates a major business move for her young company, Tk faces a very aggressive fan, and Lucas’ secret relationship with Consuela gets more complicated as he continues to grow apart from Kenya. As J continues to look for a house, she temporarily moves in with Ty, and they find that their conflicting views on dating might be mutually beneficial. Meanwhile, Kenya's growing concern about whether Derek wants to continue to move forward causes her to make a very uncharacteristic move, which leaves her devastated by the results.

Episode Ten


S1: E10 – As legal issues loom, Kenya struggles to figure out how she’s going to deal with the problems piling up, like Lucas’ secret involvement with another music group, and Tk’s new manager, who has unrealistic goals for what can be accomplished with her fledgling company. While dealing with all this, she unconsciously pushes Derek away, but when he actually starts treating her like a friend, she realizes that she needs to make some changes. Meanwhile, Ty finds herself with a guy from her past who thinks that she’s someone else, and J goes out with a cop who has some serious mental problems.

Episode Nine


S1: E9 – After uncovering her reason for not being able to move forward in their relationship, Kenya and Derek agree to just be friends, although neither quite understands what this means. He meets her girlfriends, but apparently, he already knows one of them. J and Ty both try to define what friendship means when it comes to the opposite sex, while Kenya helps Tk and Lucas deal with friends online and those in real life. And a powerful music exec wants to connect with Kenya, which may come in hand after she gets news that her business may be in jeopardy.

OM&M short trailer


You read Tenth Letter (the novel). You saw the Of Music and Men short film. Now, as we prepare to produce the half-hour scripted drama/comedy series, Kayona Ebony Brown gives you the Of Music and Men novella series.

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“DC has the highest number of same sex relationships and the lowest straight marriage rate in the country. So, for those of us girls who prefer our mates be from mars... we might have to start going there to find them.”


“DC has the highest number of same sex relationships and the lowest straight marriage rate in the country. So, for those of us girls who prefer our mates be from mars...
we might have to start going there to find them.”