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Kayona Ebony Brown gives DC
a close-up in new series

Award winning filmmaker releases music-centered novella series set in Nation’s Capitol

WASHINGTON, DC, September 04, 2018 – Washington, DC-based multi-hyphenate artist, Kayona Ebony Brown, is building off the success of her award-winning short film with the release of Thinking of a Master Plan on September 13, 2018, the pilot episode of her novella series, Of Music and Men.

Of Music and Men is the story of a chronically single, young entrepreneur struggling to build an indie record label, while navigating the country’s statistical worst city for bachelorettes: Washington, DC.

According to The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Washington City Paper, DC is the gayest place in America because it’s the city with the highest number of same-sex relationships, but the lowest (straight) marriage rate in the country.

Kayona used this fact, along with her own experience as a fledgling entrepreneur, to create the formula for a timely, poignant, funny, charming episodic story about life as a single, female, millennial business owner with none of the prerequisites for success—with music or with men.

DC is so unapologetically liberal and artsy and diverse, yet it’s known for making laws,” says Kayona. “I’m revealing just how vulnerable and endearing DC is—a side of the city that will undoubtedly shock most of the country. This story is a wonderfully inspiring and socially relevant journey that I’m excited to share with the world! This is just the beginning.

Although she first presented the story via a short film, which garnered international recognition through film festivals for the burgeoning writer/director/actor, Kayona actually developed Of Music and Men to be much more than a short film or a novella series, rather a multimedia franchise.

With the success of other woman-centered tent-poles created for and written by women, like E.L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey, Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, and Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City, Kayona is certainly looking to the right examples for success with her project.

The novella series is the literary interpretation of the forthcoming half-hour scripted series.  Book one, Thinking of a Master Plan, kicks off the 12-episode first season this September.


The title is inspired by a stanza in the famous Robert Burns poem, To a Mouse: “The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry, And leave us nothing but grief and pain, For promised joy!”

Kayona asks, “Can’t the same be true of music and men?”

CLICK HERE to read an extended excerpt from the pilot episode.


About Of Music and Men
Of Music and Men is a multimedia franchise that includes music and literature projects, as well as the forthcoming scripted half-hour drama/comedy program that explores issues related to women, millennials, entrepreneurs, music business (specifically indie music), dating and relationships, sex and sexuality, and the Black American experience.

About Episode One: Thinking of a Master Plan
For Kenya Shaw, it’s been four years now trying to establish her independent record label from the basement of her father’s house, but when opportunities for commercial success finally appear tangible, she decides to detour from her original course with the hopes of getting her company to the next level. She soon discovers that planning success is futile.

About Kayona Ebony Brown
Kayona Ebony Brown is a multi-hyphenate artist, who began her journey with a desire to tell good stories. After publishing her first novel, Tenth Letter, other projects were presented that offered her creative experiences that would eventually lead to her selection by HBO as a production trainee for their Emmy Award-winning program, VEEP. Subsequently, Kayona was chosen as one of 12 filmmakers to direct a short music film for the PBS program, Live @ 930. She is currently a quarter-finalist for the ScreenCraft Fellowship for her pilot screenplay, Of Music & Men. Kayona currently lives in her native Washington, DC where she’s diligently building her media and entertainment empire.


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