OM&M: Poised for greatness

Poised to be among the most profound experiences in entertainment

Humble beginnings doesn’t begin to describe the journey of the burgeoning multimedia franchise, Of Music and Men, and it’s steadily trekking toward its full potential.

Of Music and Men is the story of a kid from DC struggling to build an indie record label. Kenya Shaw is a chronically single, young entrepreneur navigating the country’s worst city for bachelorettes.

Creator, Kayona Ebony Brown, plans for many different experiences within this universe, which was introduced via her first novel, Tenth Letter, and later more specifically with her 2016 award-winning short film likewise entitled, Of Music and Men.

Now, in preparation for the scripted half-hour program, we get the 12-episode novella series—short books that read just like each episode of the forthcoming show, available free right now at

Of Music and Men uniquely tackles existential experiences and some of life’s biggest dilemmas with humor and thought in each of its episode, such as how and why we plan, ageism, dating in the digital age, and what it really means to be a grownup, just to name a few.

Through the lives of perfectly depicted “DC” residents—ethnically, socially, economically, and educationally diverse characters—we experience our National Capitol in a way we’ve never seen it before.

Veep, House of Cards, and Scandal are all incredible programs, but they only show you what you already know about DC—that it’s a hilarious, but often horrifying, political circus. Of Music and Men is a fresh take on the millennial journey that uses one of the most diverse, transient cities in the world to tell a story of the true American dream.

About Of Music and Men
Of Music and Men is a multi-media franchise that includes music and literature projects, as well as the forthcoming scripted half-hour drama/comedy program that explores issues related to women, millennials, entrepreneurs, music business (specifically indie music), dating/relationships, and the Black experience in America.


About Kayona Ebony Brown
Kayona Ebony Brown is a multi-hyphenate artist, who began her journey with a desire to tell good stories. After publishing her first novel, Tenth Letter, other projects were presented that offered her creative experiences that would eventually lead to her selection by HBO as a production trainee for their Emmy Award-winning program, VEEP. Subsequently, Brown was chosen as one of 12 filmmakers to direct a short music film for a PBS program, Live @ 930. She is currently a quarter-finalist for the prestigious ScreenCraft Fellowship for her pilot screenplay, Of Music & Men. Kayona currently lives in her native Washington, DC where she’s diligently building her media and entertainment empire.


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