a short film by kayona ebony brown

Kayona Ebony Brown tells a smart and compelling story about a passionate yet penniless young women struggling to build her own record company, while balancing the pitfalls of being single in the worst city in America for single women–its capital, Washington, DC.

Of Music and Men is a multi-media franchise that includes music and literature projects, as well as the scripted, half-hour drama/comedy program by which the short film was inspired.

a multimedia franchise

The short film

Based on the scripted series of the same title, and told through exquisite photography and masterful storytelling, this fascinating tale follows Kenya Shaw, a resilient young entrepreneur struggling to build a record company, through a day in her life that is certainly no walk in the park; rather, it’s a long, arduous journey through the frigid, unforgiving streets that are her home town, which happen to be the bleakest city in America for single women, Washington, DC, as she works to get just one step closer to building a music empire… and maybe–just maybe–meeting Mr. Right.


“This city has the lowest marriage rate in the country and the highest number of same sex couples. So in order to find love, a single girl might have better luck finding, well… a single girl. So those of us who prefer our mates be from Mars, might actually have to start going there to find them…”