Episode One


S1: E1 – For Kenya Shaw, it’s been four years now trying to establish her independent record label from the basement of her father’s house, but when opportunities for commercial success finally appear tangible, she decides to detour from her original course with the hopes of getting her company to the next level. She soon discovers that planning success is futile.

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Episode two


S1: E2 – Kenya tries to be open to something new by going out with an older guy. J finds herself going back in time with a sexy, barely-of-age Londoner, and a patient has a crush on Ty, but it’s not who she thinks it is. Meanwhile, Kenya has to “mother” a sick Lucas while helping Tk, who has become paranoid about his music career after meeting a 60-year-old fellow teacher who moonlights as a rapper.

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Episode three


S1: E3 – Kenya’s mentor provides business insight and introduces her to a famous dating expert, who coaches her on how to meet men. J meets a guy and ends up having to coach him in bed, and Ty finds that she has been following a faulty playbook. On the business side, Kenya and Tk discover that they can’t plan success for his forthcoming album. And Lucas does a controversial song with an artist without Kenya’s knowledge. 

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Episode Four


S1: E5 – Mercury is about to turn retrograde and everything is on the fritz. Kenya cancels a show at UDC for TK but this decision backfires. Meanwhile, Everything seems to be getting in the way of Kenya and Derek having a first date. Ty’s soon to be ex-husband is taking her to court, but not for the divorce. And J enters into an unconventional relationship with a married couple.


Season One schedule

October 12: Episode Seven | When I Grow Up

November 09: Episode Eight | Continuum

December 14: Episode Nine | Friendly Pressure

January 11, 2018: Episode Ten | 99Problems

February 08: Episode Eleven | I Want You

April 13: Season Finale | The Tipping Point