A single, young entrepreneur struggles to build an independent record label, while navigating the country’s worst city for bachelorettes and an unlikely place for music success: Washington, DC.

Of Music and Men is an entire world of entertainment that includes Tenth Letter the novel, the OM&M short film, the forthcoming scripted half-hour drama/comedy, and the 12-episode first season of the novella series premiered THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017.

The OM&M franchise takes you into the lives of a diverse ensemble of interconnected millennials navigating the country’s bleakest dating scene, while delving into the life of Kenya Shaw, an aspiring music mogul whose big dreams outweigh her ability to fulfill them.

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Episode Seven


S1: E7 – Things heat up between Kenya and Derek, but quickly turn cold when she is forced to reveal a secret she’s been keeping from him. During a conversation with J and Ty, the girls realize that they’ve yet to become the women they ought to be by now. So they take action: J thinks that homeownership is her answer, Ty finally learns to drive, and Kenya faces insecurities she thought she’d outgrown. Meanwhile, stay-home dad, Tk, is concerned about his reputation among his peers, and when Lucas refuses to go anywhere without her, Kenya realizes that his separation anxiety is much more series than she first thought.

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Episode Six


S1: E6 – “Ex”-games takes on a whole new meaning. Kenya and Derek get closer, but when her ex-“friend” (who is a boy) from college comes to town, she has to decide whether to go backward or forward. Ty likes Soloman but her ex-husband is still on her mind. And J dates a pro skateboarder, who want something that she doesn’t. Meanwhile, Tk’s not looking forward to his album coming out, and Lucas has problems balancing professionalism and love with his on again off again girlfriend.

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Episode Five


S1: E5 – Mercury is about to turn retrograde and everything is on the fritz. Kenya cancels a show at UDC for TK but this decision backfires. Meanwhile, Everything seems to be getting in the way of Kenya and Derek having a first date. Ty’s soon to be ex-husband is taking her to court, but not for the divorce. And J enters into an unconventional relationship with a married couple.

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Episode four


S1: E4 – Kenya takes Ty and J with her to a Christmas party where they meet a bunch of women praising the results of online dating, so our girls decide to give it a try. J begins a cyber-sexual relationship; Kenya connects Ty and Soloman, who “date” digitally; and Kenya focuses on her budding relationship with the new guy via video chats. Meanwhile, Kenya and Tk look to infiltrate a record pool, and the internet fangirl becomes Lucas’ inspiration.

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Episode three


S1: E3 – Kenya’s mentor provides business insight and introduces her to a famous dating expert, who coaches her on how to meet men. J meets a guy and ends up having to coach him in bed, and Ty finds that she has been following a faulty playbook. On the business side, Kenya and Tk discover that they can’t plan success for his forthcoming album. And Lucas does a controversial song with an artist without Kenya’s knowledge. 

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OM&M short trailer


You read Tenth Letter (the novel). You saw the Of Music and Men short film. Now, as we prepare to produce the half-hour scripted drama/comedy series, Kayona Ebony Brown gives you the Of Music and Men novella series.

Premiering April 13, episodes of season one will release on the second Thursday each month.

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October 12: Episode Seven | When I Grow Up

November 09: Episode Eight | Continuum

December 14: Episode Nine | Friendly Pressure

January 11, 2018: Episode Ten | 99Problems

February 08: Episode Eleven | I Want You

April 13: Season Finale | The Tipping Point